Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

WARNING: SPOIL ALERT! If your into video games and/or books. I suggest reading the book before I spoil the entire book for you. Its defintly a book worth reading!! 😀


Dec 4, 2011:
So this book is my new obsession right now. The book takes place in the year 2044. Wade is a senior in an online highschool, but his online highschool is much diffrent than mine. He attends OASIS Public School #1873 and its a virtual highschool in the OASIS. The students use avatars and the only person who knows their true identity is the principle. The OASIS is a massive multiplayer online stimulation. The main creator, James Halliday, dies. Well, he leaves a message for everybody in the OASIS. Seeings how Halliday has no family he tells his users that he has hidden 3 keys and 3 gates throughout the entire OASIS. The person who finds all 3 keys and passes through the matching gates first, will inherit his fortune. Much to my “surprise”, Wade the orphan senior in highschool who lives with an aunt that hates him, is the winner.

Thats only the first 3 chapters! 🙂 I still have the entire book to go & Im so excited. If your reading this I strongly suggest going out & getting this book. & then of course talking to me about it 😉

I think thats all I have to say for now ❤
XOXOXOXOXOX; Kaylalarissax3

Dec 7, 2012:
Well seegings how I haven’t gone to sleep yet too me it’s still the 6th. But that’s besides the point. I’ve had this book for 2 days now & I’ve almost completed it. This is honestly a first for my adhd self. 🙂 but at the same time I never want this book to end. It’s so mind boggling! Sometimes reading ill forget that im reading about a dude playing a videogame. & I’m just as much into the book as he is into the game. I can’t pull my eyes away!! I’m definitely in love ❤

No spoilers today 🙂 it's too epic to ruin honestly.

XOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3

P.S I totally forgot to explain what even the OASIS is. It’s not just some virtual highschool. It’s a completely different world. You can be whoever you want to be. Live on any planet, for the right price. You can shop, go to clubs, school, chill in chatrooms, play videogames. It’s the internet but all virtual… well i think he might’ve said that in the book, but i could have dreamed it. (Yes, i spend so much time reading this book in dreaming of it) most importantly it’s a giant videogame. It truly is a beautiful concept 😀


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