My 9 ways to get into Christmas Spirit!

Christmas 040

13 freaking days till Christmas!! I don’t know what Im going to do with myself. I have so many people to get gifts for this year, and I only am sure of one gift that im getting for my grandma. Why do I suck so hard at Christmas shopping? Its not like Im shopping for complete strangers. Its family and close friends. I seriously could go into a store during spring and something will catch my eye and ill think “man, I should get this for________ I know they’ll love it”. So why all of the sudden when Its Christmas I have no idea what to do with myself?  In all honesty though, Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year.

Last years Christmas

There’s a couple things I still have to do to get in the Christmas Spirit:

1). I gotta buy egg nog. There will be no Christmas if egg nog isn’t here.

2). I gotta get in the car, jam some Christmas tunes and creep on random strangers beautiful Christmas lights.

3). Also, while in the car crank up the heater & roll the windows down.

4). I gotta start baking!!

5). I gotta bust out my warm pajama pants and snuggle up in my bed, with a yummy cup of coco, and watch old ass Christmas movies.

6). I gotta go sit on santas lap with a really slutty shirt on, just so when all the kids go after me he’s gotta huge boner. Ahahaha (totally kidding im not a fxcking freak) xD

6). I gotta get a picture with santa.

7). I gotta find the rest of the Christmas decorations so I can get them up in time.

8). I gotta do something nice for someone.

9). Going through old Christmas photos.

Last years Christmas

That’s about it for me actually. So I’ll be in the Christmas spirit just in time for Christmas day. 😀 I hope everyone who happens to read this has a Merry Christmas. & If you feel like it let me know what you do to get into the Christmass Spirit 🙂

Xoxoxoxoxoxx; Kaylalarissax3

Last years Christmas

P.S These pictures are just a few of my familys & I,  Christmas last year ❤


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