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Some questions That I got off of http://colorfulistic.net/content/30-day-challenge-blogging-ideas/ . Honestly its late at night, I have nothing to blog about, im bored, I typed in some stuff in my search engine, and I found something to do :). BAMMM! Its like having a myspace all over again. Soooo enjoy reading 🙂

-Who are you?
My name is Kayla Larissa Morton, and I have no idea who I am.

 -do you believe in an afterlife? what do you believe happens when you die?
I honestly couldn’t tell you. I have no clue, but I do believe in ghost.

-are you proud to be from whatever country you are from?
That would be the USA… Umm, Id say for the most part.. Yes, I am.

-what is your view on gay marriage?

I say go for it. It doesn’t bother me any 🙂
-do you think sex before marriage is okay?

Why wouldnt it be? You gotta try it before you buy it. Seriously, who would want to be married to someone for the rest of their life that wasnt good in bed?? Now, that doesnt mean go out & fxck every guy you meet tho. Just the ones that really might mean something 🙂
-what are your views on love? do you think it’s real? do you think we only experience one love per lifetime?

My views on love are… well changing. Honestly, after the last “boyfriend” (which was just a rebound) but it was like forever ago I quit trying have a relationship. I thought I sucked at them and id never find love again… but I think that might have just changed recently 🙂

-does everyone have a soul mate?

Im not sure, but Steve Harvey says God wouldnt make your soul mate & never let you meet him. So maybe 🙂 If you believe in God.
-do you want to get married and/or have kids?

I want to get married and have kids. I’ve actually always dreamed of my wedding day, but what girl doesnt 😀

 -do you think any drugs should be legalized? do you think there should be an age for drinking?

Marijuana should be legalized. The world would be a much more peaceful place ❤
New age for drinking should be 18. So I could get fxckked up on my next birthdayyy 😉 ahahah. I will regardless. xD

-pro-life or prochoice?

Depends on the situation. 97.9% of time time im pro-life. Its not the kids fault, but at the same time no kid deserves a terrible life. So it just depends.

-what do you think about straightxedge?

Its cool I guess. Personally, I couldnt do it. I just like to experiment too much 🙂
-what do you think about prostitution? should it be legal?

I think that it shouldnt matter what people do behind closed doors as long as nobodys being harmed.
 -what do you think about bisexuality?

It happens.
-do you think there should be an age to get tattoos/piercings without the consent of a parent?

Yeah, even though it effects me in a bad way, but most “teenagers” would do really dumb shit if there parents didnt stop them… Trust me -__-
-do you believe in aliens?

I believe everything is possible. I dont cancel any theroy out.
-do you believe in regrets? do you have any terrible ones?

No regrets, because the dumb shit I did yesterday made me an amazing person today.

-what do you want to happen to your body when you die?

-have you experienced your ‘first true love’ yet? do you believe you ever will?
I wanna say I have. Even though it didnt last forever… I still loved the kid. Still do, just in a diffrent way now. Hes a thing of the past, and honestly if it wasnt for him I wouldnt have met the great guy I have today. 

-what is your take on people who self harm (cutting, burning, scratching etc etc.)

It happens. I got my battle wounds from it. You learn from it.
-do you think high schools should give out free contraceptive?
Umm… no. I think they should help as much as they can, but birth control can really do some damage to your shit. I think thats what I read one time. I dont know exactly, but no. I think teenagers shouldnt be such whores -_-

-what do you think about plastic surgery?

I think its a wonderful thing. 

-what do you think about the death penalty?

That is also, a wonderful thing 🙂
 -do you say your country’s national anthem/pledge of allegiance when it is said/listened to?

Yes I do 🙂

-what do you think about thinspo?
Never heard of it O__O



Ahahah, done son!! 🙂
Xoxoxoxox; Kaylalarissax3


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