Fake people.

Noun- a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or shame.

That’s right a fake person is a dame shame. I don’t understand why one feels the need to be fake. I mean I understand when you first get a job you turn on your fake laugh, you kiss a little ass, & do a little more work than usual. Eventually that fades though (for me anyway) and you with me you get what you get and don’t throw a fit. Even my “fake mode” isn’t what you’d call fake. Usually when it’s time for me to be fake I just get quiet. A speak when spoken to & I observe to see who I’ll get along with, and who I’ll just have to tolerate.

Honestly I get along with everyone I work with…. expect the shining. What’s the shining you ask? Well, it’s just these creepy annoying overly fake twins that just got hired. Today was the first day that I had to put up with them for longer than 2 hours and well… let me just tell you, i experienced hell on earth today.

At this point your probably thinking that I shouldn’t be so hard in the new girls, there just trying to fit in.. blah fxcking BLAH! No sire/ma’am I’m not being to hard because they think there shit don’t stink. Seriously, and then when they don’t know how to do something they cry to the boss because nobody trains them. Oh god, and do they kiss that mans ass so hard. It’s so pathetic.

It doesn’t help that they both have that annoying high pitched fake voice going nonstop and there screaming at the top of their lungs. Bitches never heard of a damn inside voice or something. & they both ran drive through today and both opened the window together and was like “HIIIII WERE TWINS”. Wtf you creppy mother fxckers. Nobody cares give these poor people you’ve probably terrified their food and go on with your lives.

Today, I just couldn’t take it any longer. I basically forced my boss to let me leave and get the hell out of that store. I’ve been off for 4 hours and my head is still pounding.

Usually today Id be working with my second mom and my favorite homie, lucky for them they got the day off. What’s usually an amazing day for ruined by the shining.

On a brighter note, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! Thank you so much to our fallen soldiers, veterans, and active military. Like some of my family, friends, and of course my prince charming.


XOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


~ by kaylalarissax3 on May 27, 2013.

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