The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


As most the entire world already knows this game is almost a huge waste of time. Unless of course your playing on a 360. Then at o least you’ll get some achievements unlocked, but don’t play the game feeling like you’ll walk away feeling accomplished because you’ll be highly disappointed. I walked away knowing that I don’t know a damn thing about designing games and I could have done way better.

If you read my blog, or you just know me then you already know I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. Actually, I’m just a fan of zombies in general. Im a zombie slaying badass and I know it. Anyway, I had such high hopes for this game… but no. It turned out to be a shithole. I got the game from redbox & had it 4 days tops, and lemme just tell you. WORST 8 DOLLARS SPENT EVER!

The only part of the game that even resembles The Walking Dead series is Daryl and Merle Dixon. Your playing as Daryl and its basically the story of where they were & what they were doing before they met their gang. Well… apparently they had it super easy because those zombies were a walk in the park. (& oddly enough a few of them looked like my customers) I play my games to rage out… Not to just walk around easily chopping heads off.. I didn’t even need my crossbow which was probably the most exciting point in the game. Until apparently my arrows got lost in the walls so I only got to use it for a short minute.

But honestly the game is you going around either doing favors for others, looking for gas, or following a stupid ass compass that honestly I believe had no idea where it was going itself. Also, the maps are basically the same exact thing… over.. and over.. and over again. After awhile it becomes no fun because you’ve already seen the same things a million times.

You find survivors along the way, but they don’t do much. I wish they would have made it to were we could form relationships. Or something to just give me a slight care for the game or maybe they could actually find shit when i send them out OR MAYBE even help fight instead of running like little bitches. Not that i need the help, but shit do SOMETHING to carry your weight.

Basically you spend the majority of the game making out with groups of zombies or standing on top of cars hacking away at them. Very simple. Very boring. & the ending… that was just pitiful. But what do you expect with a game full of disappointments?

Yeah, so things I’m sure you’ve already heard but I still gotta put in my 2 cents. I don’t have fancy pictures of my gameplay, and I’m super late. But better late than never, and we all gotta start it somewhere c: so don’t, i do this for my own amusement



~ by kaylalarissax3 on May 22, 2013.

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