Netflix must sees! (Series)

Okay, so if your like me some days you just want to lay in bed all day and watch a tv series back-to-back. Honestly I don’t even like watching tv series on television anymore, unless it’s a reality show or something like Impractical Jokers. Not a tv series, because your dvr can mess up once, or you can be out too long one day, miss one episode and have no clue whats going on. Thats one of my biggest problems with tv. Thats why I thank whoever invented Netflix, it’s just pure genius!

Also, if your like me you browse around on the internet for a good tv series to watch, and in my personal opinion you get garbage in return. Of course everybody has their own taste in a tv series, but apparently everybody on the internet has a completely diffrent taste than I do! That can be very frustrating, because honestly when Im in “tv time” mood I dont got time for browsing the internet for a good show on netflix. 😛 So which brings me to my list of netflix must see’s for series!

#1.) Dexter- if your the type of person that can enjoy a bunch of killing, sex, and the two amazing stars Michale C. Hall and the beautiful Jennifer Carpenter. This show is just for you. Seriously, a show about a blood spatter analyst who is a killer. Nobody that he works with knows though, but he only kills killers! Oh my gosh! This is my ultimate favorite show in the entire world. I am in love with Dexter Morgan, and even decided to want to study forensics because of this show. Not because I want to kill people, but because watching this show kind of shows you what his job is like. Something I absolutely fell in love with from the start. And no im not nieve I obviously know that just because it looks awesome on tv means its awesome in real life, but also I feel that I could do that job. 5 stars!

#2.) Supernatural- 5 words: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. These two men I have been in love with since I was a young child. If I was ever allowed to touch these men with a 10 foot pole… oh the dirty, dirty things Id do. Other than the two very attractive stars, the show is actually really great! I can honestly say that this show has made me laugh, cry, and all of the in between. There is so many seasons on netflix that its gonna take more than one lazy day to finish, but the time you spend watching this show is surely time well spent. I mean, who doesn’t love to see two attractive men fight demons, vampires, and everything evil? Even men enjoy watching that! Maybe not as much, and for the same reasons…. but you get my point. This is also one of my favorite shows, and I have even got my brother hooked on it as well. Great show! 5 stars!
#3.) The Walking Dead- Of course, it’s what everybody has been talking about lately. Honestly I thought I was going to hate it from the start, maybe because I just like to be different from the recent trends… but no. If your like me in that way, please don’t short yourself out of a wonderful tv show. It has everything the zombie apocalypse, amazingly done makeup, and some drama that I absolutely love watching! It’s not the show that will make you cry, but some parts can make you a little sad, but its a show that would be reality. Honestly if the zombie apocalypse happened this show portrays it perfectly! Of course some parts are like “PSH, WHATEVER!” but it still makes for an amazing show, and defiantly gets 4 stars in my book!!

#4.) American Horror Story- This show… is just so brilliant I can’t even explain it, but im going to do my best to try without ruining anything. Its just so crazy but purely epic. So much goes on in this show that it gives you a hard time to even think of whats about to happen next. Or you even forget some parts of the show, and then it reminds you later on, and it all ties into this amazing show that you just cant take your eyes off of. It took me 1 day to complete the first series. I dedicated my entire day to this show, because I could not tear my eyes away. I cant wait to see season 2! 5 stars all the way!
#5.) This is another show I never wanted to give a chance, so I decided to start watching it while I was cleaning. BUT…. cleaning did not happen. This show is to good to be true! The first episode is so in your face you have to know what happens next, and not for one second does it calm down. This also isn’t a “finish in one day” kinda show, but its defiantly a “watch every night when I get off work” kinda show.
#6.) If you havent
seen this show before you have got some serious problems. This show is a must see for everybody on the entire planet. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Nacy Botwin might be a slut, but shes sexy as fxck! I don’t blame her. Seriously, Im strickly dickly and id totally be a carpet muncher for this bitch. But other than the very beautiful lady, she has a hot son too & brother in law;). Hahah, no honestly the script is beautiful and full of twist and turns you’d never expect to take. This is another show that gets my emotions all in a mess.

These are just a few that I have in mind, but trust me I will be adding more & more over the months. I have missed my viewers. I know its been a long while. I actually am running another blog at the moment (and its a legit website ;D check it out!, I’ve started a new job, and my weightloss is coming along great!

I love you all! Thanks for the support!
If you have in suggestions on t.v shows please, please let me know in the comments. 🙂 If I haven’t seen it I will defiantly check it out.



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