Bad eating day…

So, although I was under my calorie goal I ate way too much in my opinion. For some reason I just was so hungry today, and I’m thinking it’s because I’m quitting smoking. I didnt eat any “bad” foods, I just couldnt get full! Not smoking as much is the only thing I did differently, besides eating oatmeal this morning. Mom told me never eat oatmeal in the morning, because you’ll be hungry all day. I didn’t believe her, but today I do. Maybe everyone just has those days of relapsing. Luckily I still have 300 calories left, and im DONE eating. Thank God for Subway their sandwiches really fill a person up or I dont know where I would have ended up calorie wise. Ha.

Day 9’s question: What is your favourite workout drink? Why?
Water. Water. WATER!
Which is weird, because honestly im one of those people who dislike water and live off of diet soda but while im working out my body just craves water. Thats probably my body telling me that I need to drink more water, but thats just going to be something I have to learn over time. Im ready to give up junk food, but diet soda is going to be as hard (if not harder) than quitting smoking.

I guess everyone has bad habits. Whats yours? 🙂
I hope you had a wonderful day!
XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


~ by kaylalarissax3 on January 24, 2013.

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