Petting zoo worker!

Today I worked at a petting zoo. My brother and I had 2 chickens, 2 huge bunny rabbits, a baby goat, a duck, and a pony named Paul. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I didn’t want the customers to feel weird with me snapping random pictures so I decided not to. It was such a long drive, but so much fun. When my brother and I got back to put the animals up for the night I met the owner of the business. She gave me some face paints and wants me to be a team with my brother. So I will be doing face painting and balloon animals which I think is so awesome! So on the weekends hopefully I’ll be out working. Which is extra awesome because that means hat I still get the week days to stay home, get school done and work out. Oh and gaming of course 😛 you know me and my addictions. Ha. So while we were on the road though I did get to take a couple of pictures of the truck, and trailer and then I got one of Paul. Paul was so awesome and apparently every show he has to drink a coke in the middle of the show or he gets cranky. So cute! I have a horse of my own, but I had no idea they could drink soda. I had such a blast and I am so excited to go on another job again. That job makes me feel like I officially call myself a redneck 😛

On the weight loss note my old friend, Aboudi Ani, decided to join me with the 30 day easy challenge. Since the weekends are my “break” days. He decided that he needed to catch up 😛 So of course since he’s doing the challenge I had him answer the questions as well.

Aboudi’s Day 1- How would you rate your level of energy 1 being the lowest 10 being the highest?

Aboudi’s Day 2-  What are your top 5 songs workout songs?
“too many to remember lol
mostly electro, dubstep, and trance”

I’m kind of mad at the Texans for losing! Not because I really watch football or anything… but as most people know in Texas if the Texans win they get a free slushy from Sonic. So, my last weeks at Sonic they were winning like crazy, and now I don’t work there and they never win?! Ugh. Makes me so angry, because Texans Tuesday is a very crazy day at Sonic. 😛

I hope everyone had a safe weekend!!
XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


~ by kaylalarissax3 on January 13, 2013.

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