And another day bites the dust!

I tried to make so many excuses today to get myself from doing the challenge. Which is what I normally do. If I am “tired” or “in too much pain” I will tell myself “well lets just skip today, and make it up later”. Then eventually I just quit and never do it again. Today was different though. I honestly tried to let myself to give up, but at the same time there was a little voice in my head telling me that I want to actually finish up this entire 30 days, and how much of a puss would you look like if you just quit… On day 3 even! Luckily I got up, and got it done. Now I feel freaking fantastic and I’m proud of myself for not listening to that negative voice inside my head! That was just the first workout of the day. I still have the gym to go to as well, but I’m ready. I have the energy now that I needed. My muscles still hurt, but oh well. I don’t care pain isn’t about to stop me from achieving my goal. I have wanted to lose this weight for way to many years. I refuse to give up this time.

I realized something so awesome on myfitnesspal today. I made a post about how I need motivation today, and it was so awesome so how many people helped me out. I thought that was pretty cool that they were helping me out like that, and they dont even know me. Its just one of those things that makes you realize not everybody in the entire world sucks. Actually, most people dont suck Im just to social awkward to get to know anybody these days. Hopefully when I get a little more confidence in myself I wont be so socially awkward.

Day 3’s question: Which part of your body is your trouble spot?
That would be my stomach and my arms. Its just… eww. I dont even want to talk about that, but when I see myself in the mirror those are the 2 parts of my body I am always trying to cover up. Ha.

Today at the gym I burned 436 calories in 45 minutes! I usually try to get 450, but I’ll take 436 as well. Tomorrow will be intresting, because I just got a new video game. Batman: Arkham City to be exact and when usually when I get a video game I infest every last minute into these games. Now, Im going to have to teach myself to earn my game time. Thats going to be so hard, but yet so intresting.

XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


~ by kaylalarissax3 on January 9, 2013.

One Response to “And another day bites the dust!”

  1. I hope your infestation leaves while you’re investing your time LOL You just slay me Ha Ha Ha. But your delicious intent is FANTASTIC and your determination is always strengthing. Yaaayyy!

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