Merry Christmas!!

Once again I Christmas has come and gone. This year is defiantly the best Christmas I have ever had.. so far. The best part, of course, was my amazing boyfriend surprising me with a visit home and being able to spend some time with him before he had to go. Spending time with the ones you love most is what Christmas is all about, and of course waking up at the crack of dawn to open your presents.

This Christmas I gave myself a little to-do list;

There’s a couple of things I still have to do to get in the Christmas Spirit:

1). I gotta buy egg nog. There will be no Christmas if egg nog isn’t here.

2). I gotta get in the car, jam some Christmas tunes and creep on random strangers beautiful Christmas lights.

3). Also, while in the car crank up the heater & roll the windows down.

Didnt get to do this one, I live with a bunch of meow meows.

4). I gotta start baking!!
BUT, I destroyed the brownies. -_-

5). I gotta bust out my warm pajama pants and snuggle up in my bed, with a yummy cup of coco, and watch old ass Christmas movies.

No coco for Kayla this year <|3

6). I gotta go sit on santas lap with a really slutty shirt on, just so when all the kids go after me he’s gotta huge boner. Ahahaha (totally kidding im not a fxcking freak) xD

6). I gotta get a picture with santa.
That didn’t happen 😦

7). I gotta find the rest of the Christmas decorations so I can get them up in time.

Or that xD

8). I gotta do something nice for someone.

9). Going through old Christmas photos.

If this was school, im pretty sure I failed. SHIT! How can you fail on a Christmas to-do list?!

Now that Christmas is over its time to change all my radio stations back to where they belong. It’s also time to get my eating in check again. I love while during the holidays that calories don’t count, but then they have to end :(. Honestly im excited to get back to the gym, now that I’ve got a nook! Woooohoooo! Now I can watch The Walking Dead while I work up a sweat. This year I got a bunch of girly, but awesome things for Christmas. Things like, my favorite body spray from Victoria Secret, Amber Romance, as well the lotion and two other sets as well. A bunch of clothes, a nook like I said earlier, zebra satin bed sheets, and the gift of FINALLY starting to remodel my bathroom, also I got jewelry and makeup, and my boyfriends jacket, that sadly doesn’t smell like him anymore.

The few things I hated about Christmas this year first of all it sucks total monkey poo that my boyfriend had to leave on Christmas day, BUT I try not to complain because I didn’t even know I was going to get to see him at all. Secondly, I totally ruined the brownies that I made, seriously I followed every direction besides putting the pecans in it, BUT it wanted me to add nuts anyway! Really whats the difference between nuts and pecans that will ruin brownies? Thirdly, living in Texas I was seriously wearing shorts and a tank top until night-time and then it got a little chilly. That had me so upset though, here it is Christmas day and im not shivering in my boots. Thus, the reason I didn’t need coco :(. Even still with all of these things that tried to ruin my Christmas it defiantly didn’t.

Time to get ready for the new year!!!!! WOOOHOO! Am I the only one whose gonna trick their parents into getting them plastered? Hahah, kidding. Kinda. Anyway I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Hopefully this year will be better than the last! 😀


~ by kaylalarissax3 on December 26, 2012.

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