Written Communications Essay.


You would think someone who has so much to say would be able to ace this class, right? Ugh not this girl. I have to write a 2,500 word essay about an experience I’ve had, in my point of few. I have an absolute HATE for essays. Not because I’m afraid of what my teacher is going to think of the essay itself, because honestly I know I’m a badass when it comes to writing… If it’s fiction or about my own life.

I think maybe it’s just the word “essay”. Its such a stupid word. Seriously, who ever invented that word SUCKS! For real though, if you didn’t know English very well & you were just learning the language you’d try to use context clues to try to figure out what that word meant. Think about it “es” is usually a suffix. A non English person might get confused as to why all the suddenly it’s now the beginning of a word. I clearly understand the “say” part though.

Also I dislike being graded on my writing based on grammar & punctuation. My personal opinion, it doesn’t matter if you use the right “too, to, two”. I get the point of what your trying to say and nobodys perfect. Like me i hate using the little upside down comma things [ ‘ ]. I can’t even remember the word for it and when I do use it 99.9% of the time its my phone using it, im just to lazy to change it. Honestly, I only use commas so much because I think I know how. In reality I have no idea where commas really go.

In my own opinion writing is an art. Its a way for someone to express themselves and it shouldn’t be graded or judged. Maybe that’s why there’s many people in the world who despise writing so much. I know I’ve written pretty amazing essays, but I always get a shitty grade on them because I’m not that great with grammar & punctuation myself.

Ah, or maybe I’m just hating on essays so hardcore because I’m actually terrified deep down that I might get a terrible grade. Its just so dumb… because I know I’ll write a good story and when I get it back its going to have those red little “corrections” on it.

Sigh, I’m just stressing hardcore about it I guess. I love to write. I just don’t want this essay to mess it up for me because I know if I get a bad grade I’ll give up on writing for a good while.

Anyway, thanks for reading. (:
Have a wonderful day XOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3

P.S i do not own picture, nor do i claim it.


~ by kaylalarissax3 on December 14, 2012.

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