Video game Prompt.

Thankyou once again too “The Writing Reader” for the prompt. You know, I actually dont think im doing this whole blog carnival thing right at all. I’m really just going through and finding prompts I like and using them. Oops if im wrong. Anyway back to the blogging reality.

My favorite video game of all time (at the moment) is Dragon Age Origins. Anyone who knows me already is well aware that I spend my time beasting it up on RPG’s (role playing games). I honestly just suck at first person FPS’s (first person shooters). Well, maybe I dont suck at them because I can beast it up on MWF3 story mode. They just really aren’t my thing.

I realize that this game is kinda old so theres already plenty of reviews out there for it. So, im sure you’ve heard of it already. If not. Cool beans. Now go out and get it, because if you dont your missing out.

You can either be a human, dwarf, or an elf and then depending on the charater you choose you can pick from a rouge, mage, or warrior. It does vary though. Like if your a dwarf then you aren’t able to be a mage. If I recall correctly, but you kinda get my point. Each of the charaters have an awesome backstory. & spoil alert, sorta, if you play through all the backstorys you get an achievement 😉

Anyway, you meet a lot of diffrent charaters while your playing and they join your little crew to help save the world. Theres also a lot of dlc (downloadable content) that you can get. Sadly, I’ve never had the microsoft points to get it so I don’t really know much about it, other than what I’ve read online.


This game makes me feel like I’m a freakin’ BAWS. Maybe its because I’ve played through the entire game millions of times. Im even so obsessed with the game I bought it on my xbox so I can play whenever I want. I’ve just been caught up in other games lately so its been on the back burner. I still have a few achievements that I cant unlock because the freakin dlc!! Ugh. Thats one flaw, too me though. For the people with the microsoft points its probably a huge bouns.

Personally it has everything I look for in a game. You can say what you want to say (with limited choices, of course). You can be more than just one character during combat. You can have relationships with the characters in your camp as well. Dorky little fact about Kayla: I absolutly love when theres relationships in a videogame. You can make your entire camp hate you, or love you. Sadly you can’t be a player and love up on all of them. You only get one and they’ll mention it if they “see” you going into someone else’s tent. Which, im not gonna lie, its fun to get them jealous.


Basically, the plot of the game is your just this person/dwarf/elf that gets choosen to be a Grey Warden. You go to camp to become a Grey Warden after you become one all hell breaks loose. So you and one other (Alistar) are the only Grey Wardens left to save the world for the dark spawn. Theres also a bunch of fun little side quest you can do. All & all, its just a really enjoyable game. I’d say your crazy if you don’t love it, but thats just my personal opinion.

Anywho, if you happened to read this entire thing. Do you play games? If so do you prefer rpg’s or fps’s?
Thanks for your time.
XOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3

dragon_age_origins_awakeningP.S I do not own these photos, nor do I claim them. Obviously ;P


~ by kaylalarissax3 on December 13, 2012.

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